Wednesday, March 11, 2009

relaxing with relativity

Part of the restlessness of my mind seems to be in always seeking an ideal of perfection and then wanting to proclaim it to the world. The perfect method, the perfect understanding, the perfect solution.

Clearly there must be many valid approaches and one trap is to get overly caught up in attachment to one and taking it to be the be all and end all. Another trap is in constantly running from pillar to post and never seeing anything through to completion. I have done them both and in both the unconscious identity thrives.

In meditation one could use the support of many different aspects of experience. For example one could use a mantra, the breath or the sensation of the body. The main initial function of the support is really as a diversion for the mind to help it step out of the merry-go-round of thinking, allowing awareness to come back to its own center, becoming consciously conscious in the now.

Or, as in self-enquiry, one could directly bring awareness to the feeling-sense of the 'I' who we take ourselves to be. Again, remaining present to that with the enquiry 'who am I?', awareness returns to its own centre.

Or one could very well take a combination approach according to ones individual needs and preference.

So, from now on, I am going to try and leave absolutism to the absolute and relax with relativity.

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  1. Man, the best way, in my limited experience is to realize that this happens with our human makeup- just like you say. There can be times where we can meditate the need for perfection away, but I think the built-in motor drives s in this type of direction. Surrendering it all and dropping thoughts are useful as they come up, but sometimes, as you describe, the monkey mind wants to rumble in the jungle. I like how you say 'relax with relativity' it makes so much sense. Sending light and love.