Sunday, January 18, 2009

Space Yoga

Went to dinner last night and half way through two Indian gentlemen come and sit at my table (place was busy). One looks in his 50's and the other maybe around 30. I see they have a book with some yoga postures on front so I say 'Yoga!' and point, 'I do Yoga' I say. The young one tells me that the other is a Yoga Master no less. I saw 'oh really' and pay my respects. Anyway they were pretty happy to talk to me and of course I impressed them with my knowlege of Sanskrit Yoga words.

This guy says he is into 'Space Yoga' where we can visit the other planets in our meditation. He also say there is a big mountain coming to crash into earth in 3-4 years. He is publishing his book in 2 months which will go all over the world (he says) and teach us all 'Space Yoga'. Then we can avert the catastrophe with the power of our minds by psychicly changing the meteors course otherwise we are all done for. He says we were destined to meet and I will help him spread this teaching.

I say 'maybe'. Sounds all a bit doubtful and cuckoo to me but you never know. No doubt big mountains have struck the earth before and will again over the aeons of time. If all else fails we can always send up Bruce willis and his team to do it the good old american way.............

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  1. 'Cosmic Yoga' sounds more catchy for marketing (IMO) :D