Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First impressions

Hello and welcome to the first entry in my first blog. I've been in Mumbai, India now for one day. It's a pretty noisy, busy, hot, humid, delapidated sort of a place with lots of colonial buildings, beggars and hucksters on every corner. I didn't expect to be over enthralled by the city itself but no doubt it has it's charms if one were to take the time. For me I intend to be heading south in the next day or two towards the Ramana Ashram, inland and south from Chennai. I'm looking at the train option which takes 24hrs but with a sleeper carriage and sight seeing opportunities might not be too bad. I'm still a bit jet-lagged and finding my feet on unffamiliar territory. Might go for a mid morning nap now. Until the next time.............


  1. I can recommend visiting the Venkateshwara Temple. It's massive, has about 40,000 visitors a day and is considered to be a very holy place.

  2. That is my comment above. Andrew S. :-)

  3. I agree. A very special place with a very special vibration. Perhaps time for a shave? Can take a long time to get to go for the walk inside the temple. If you don´t have an extra day, see if you can hook up with some Indians from abroad. We were lucky to meet a family from the US who had a letter of recommendation from some official. They just added us...:)

    Also, the main temple in Madurai is a hit.

    The train for Chennai is a nice experience. Go for second class 2 or 3 tier air con. I wish you the best of journeys!