Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well that last one seemed to stir up a bit of energy. I gave the girl back her forged document yesterday morning. Taking Murugans advice I let things be rather than confronting them with their lies. Predictably the girl was still sticking 'sincerely' to her story that it was all a misunderstanding and blah blah blah. I just said yes, yes. She asked when I am coming for my next Tamil lesson, I told her I will let her know when I am coming next (which is never). She asked if I am angry with her. I said goodbye, got on my bike and rode off without looking back.

There was temptation to confront them but what good would it do really? It would only have been venting on them. They seem to be without conscience or remorse and don't seem to know the difference between truth and lies. Any energy given to them is only more fuel for their games of deception. I let it go and don't expect there to be anymore to this particular story.

Jan, from A. Ramana's Aham Ashram India, told me one other story of a bedraggled woman beggar she would always see with a small dirty baby, always with a runny nose. Naturally it evokes ones concern and compassion but the funny thing was she saw the same woman every year, year after year, with a different baby but with the same runny nose. She must have been renting the babies or doing some kind of profit sharing deal with the real mothers!

It's kind of funny really as well as being sad. These people are not nearly as miserable and pathetic as they always seem. It's all just part of the professional begging act which they prefer rather than working for a living. True, many of the lower level jobs don't pay much but ................................ it must be a complex story as to how this kind of pervasive degeneration takes place and of course, it's not only India. It's all over the world in different varieties.

Well, I'm glad that it's not up to me to try and solve all of the worlds problems. The other side of the coin is that India is a very cheap place for people like me to come and live for extended periods of time so I guess it's all part of the polarity of life. Who ever said this world was supposed to be a heaven? Things are like this now.........


  1. India (mostly Hindu India) doesn't "do" Judeo-Christian :DD. Because of that,we westerners can enjoy ourselves there so much letting our hair down in many ways, finding ourselves more open in mind and in heart....Only to find that same opening more often than not being abused by folks who see that trusting opening as an opportunity to manipulate and deceive. India. Gotta love 'and' hate it. Which is why I prefer neighbouring Pakistan in so many ways. About 95% of your guard can drop in that country without you being played. More often than not, like attracts like in that country, and there are no 'strings attached' to the overwhelming hospitality. Nepal used to be an oasis from the games of India to nip over to for a while, and although it still is far more low key than India,I've noticed that some areas have now become more 'Indian' in that way over the years with increasing dishonesty, compared to how it once was. Still much better, but wobbling a bit. Much of this is probably down to the greed and materialistic mentality which is spreading worldwide now, with relatively wealthy westerners increasingly being viewed objectively as an 'opportunity'. Oh well. All these things tend to balance out in the end in India. You will probably have forgotten about this whole incident in a few days.



  2. I wouldn't fancy getting kidnapped by the Taliban or whoever in Pakistan or blown up by a stray US bomb if they invade. On the other hand it would be cool to hang out with some Sufi's for a while.